When it comes to stabilizing your “core,” everyone jumps into plank position. Pop down, “bows and toes” and hold, for an excruciating amount of time, especially if you have a bad coach or trainer. But we can talk about planks later.

Planks are a great exercise when executed properly, but it’s only part of the picture.

For a strong and stable core, you have to attack it using several different strategies.

Planks are Anti-extension exercises. They prevent your spine from falling into extension, which would cause back pain.

Here is the Pallof Press, which is an Anti-rotation exercise.

Every time you press the band out in from of you, it tries to rotate you. By engaging your core you can prevent this rotation. What does this mean for your spine and overall health? You’re stronger, more stable, able to prevent your body from rotating under external force, allowing you to push bigger weights while protecting your spine. BOOM. You’re welcome.

Take a look:

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