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So a little over a year ago, Men’s Health put out a blast looking for America’s Next Top Trainer.

So I thought, “why not me?”

I could be America’s Next Top Trainer! I’m good at what I do, and I think everyone should know it!

To become a contestant, you had to shoot a “challenge” and post it to their site. Here’s mine:

I called it, “The MET-165 Challenge”

MET because it was a metabolic workout. 165 because that’s how many total reps it took to complete the challenge (I bet you can just feel the ooze of creativity this guy has)

My challenge was a simple ladder: complete 10 reps of each exercise, then 9 reps of each exercise, then 8…and so on, until you finished 1 rep of each. The exercises were: DB burpee, DB Front Squat, and DB Bentover Row

I tried my own challenge right before I shot the video, and it put me on my ass. It was easily one of the hardest ~8 or 10 minutes of my workout life. It should have been called Death, because that’s how it made me feel. I made it through (barely), collected my face off the floor, and shot the video.

Needless to say, I didn’t win. But hey, it took about 10 minutes of my time to shoot and submit, so no real loss. Shoot for the stars AMIRIGHT?!

Fast forward a year, and I get an email from Men’s Health asking me to contribute to their new MVP site. They had remembered my video and thought I was good enough to write for them.

Lo and Behold! They published my first article, The Volunteer State. While not a “fitness” related post per se, it’s definitely cool to see my work published online. Plus I got to write about one of my favorite things.TN Tristar

(did you guess it yet by the title?)

My HOME STATE! A little blurb on my favorite of the 50 states. Pretty slick.

To shift focus, let’s talk more about You (the reader) and less about Me, because honestly that’s what this blog is here for. To help you get stronger, leaner, faster, sexier, and more confident.

I remember after I uploaded the video looking through the other submissions. Some had been done with incredible graphics, music, titles, and the whole nine.

And I honestly felt a little silly. These guys were in the Big Leagues, and here I was with my wife’s camera in the basement of a fitness equipment store. I was up against guys who owned facilities (I don’t), have written for Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness (I haven’t, until now), and trained world-class athletes (my clients are world-class to me).

But I submitted anyway. Yeah I didn’t win. And I’m not sure how much “street cred” this MVP publication will get me, if any. I have never heard of it until they contacted me. I’m guessing you haven’t either.

Whatever your goal is; whatever your “Moon” is that you’re shooting for, know that I understand the struggle. Whether you lack the confidence or are unsure of your own abilities, go after it anyway. Say “FUCK YEAH!” and take your best shot. Lift that bar. Compete in that challenge. Write that peice. Shoot that video. Launch your site or app.

You never know what might come of it. The only thing to be sure of is that you won’t regret ever taking a chance.

Andy Van Grinsven

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