3.) It’s all WORK, and it’s ALL GOOD.

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Another gem from Coach Sutton.

I used to obsess over the workouts that I wrote for my clients. I would get frustrated when I would write a plan and then have to make changes last minute, as was the case when smelly teenagers took over the bench.

My beautiful workout program was shot full of holes when I would have to make substitutions right and left because the gym was busy and my equipment was being used (this is a common theme at big-box gyms).

I wanted my client to deadlift. The platform has a line out the door..

I wanted my client to do chin-ups..the only thing open is the lat pulldown machine..

Now I’ve really taken the “it’s all work, and it’s all good” to heart.

A squat is a squat, whether it’s under the bar or with a dumbbell in a goblet position or with bodyweight. It’s all work, and it’s all good.

A deadlift is just a hinge pattern with the bar. Dumbbell RDL’s are a great substitute. Don’t have two matching dumbbells? Use one, and do a single-leg RDL.

It’s all work, and it’s all good.

1.) It’s not what you WANT to do

2.) Personal Training and S&C are NOT the same

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