6.) Just because it’s SIMPLE, doesn’t mean it isn’t HARD. Learn the Difference

This is another piece of advice from Dan John (your books are in the mail by now right?)

People have lost sight of the beauty in simplicity.

For some reason a squat isn’t hard enough. Nope. Gotta sprint between sets, then free-climb a cliff face with no ‘chute. Attach a sled to your waist and sprint it 100 yards while wearing an O2 deprivation mask. The harder it is and closer to death you are, the better.

If you do things right; in other words, if you load up a barbell and actually squat it with good form. Or if you pile on the plates for a 3 Rep max deadlift and “grip-it-and-rip-it” as I like to say, it’s pretty freaking hard.

Push-ups aren’t sexy. But for some people who lack upper body strength and stability, they’re hard. You know what’s even less sexy? Someone who can’t do a push-up.

Everyone wants to play with all the toys, yet most people can’t even manage their own bodyweight in some exercises. Simple things like squatting, pressing, pulling, and crawling are really hard when done correctly. Many times you don’t even need equipment.

Oftentimes the simpler the workout, the better. Cut away the fluff, get back to basics, keep it simple, and make it hard.

Tell you what: here’s a simple program and you tell me it isn’t hard enough (if you’re able):

image: presentineglish.com

A) Barbell Deadlift 8×3

B1) Barbell Front-squat grip Reverse Lunges 3×6 ea. leg

B2) Ab Wheel Rollout 3×8

C1) Goblet Lateral Lunge 3×6 ea. leg

C2) Farmer’s Walk 3×40 yrds/side

Simple? Yes.

Hard. You better believe it. Try it out and get back to me…

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