4.) Mentors, internships, and volunteer hours are worth WAY more than books and blogs.

If you want to get better at coaching (or anything you do), seek out a mentor. Mine was Coach Sutton, and more recently I tried to volunteer with another strength coach in town, but my schedule has become a conflict.

I would easily say that my school year with Coach Sutton (only a few hours each week by the way) completely overhauled my entire perspective on coaching and training. I wouldn’t be half the trainer today had it not been for my time spent with Coach Sutton. Why do you think I’ve referenced him this much? He’s the inspiration for much of my work (and this list).

There is no comparison between what you find in the trenches with other coaches and trainers and what you find in a textbook or blog. Those textbooks don’t know what it’s like in the real world. Even those coaches with great content on their blogs (and I follow many of them) train different populations, under different circumstances, in a different demographic, with different contexts.

Find someone local to shadow and stop fucking worrying about your “precious free time” you have to give up. I would pay to hang out with Coach Sutton again. The best part? I don’t have to pay for his advice and guidance. It’s handed out for free.

Know any conferences or seminars that are free? I don’t..

1.) It’s Not what you Want to Do

2.) Personal Training and S&C are NOT the same

3.) It’s All Work, and It’s All Good

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