8.) Nothing is New

No one has all the answers, nothing is new, and NO ONE has it all figured out. The good coaches and trainers out there continue to learn and grow and bring the best to their clients day-in and day-out. They stay current and work hard to learn everything they can.

But nothing is new. High Intensity Interval Training is not new. Olympic lifting is not new. Deadlifting and other power lifting exercises are not new. It’s all just recycled and put together (mostly haphazardly) by companies and social media for consumption by the masses. If you run across a coach or organization with a “new” way of doing things, be wary, because most of the stuff that’s out there has been out there for years, and in many cases, decades or centuries. Don’t buy into the hype of one type of training style.

In fact, I learned this year that the “hot new fitness trend” is bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight? You mean the resistance you get for FREE. The one piece of equipment you were BORN with?

I sure am glad to know what the “hot new trends” are, because otherwise, how would I incorporate bodyweight exercises? I mean, other than push-ups, lunges, chin-ups, pull-ups, bear crawls, squats, squat jumps, broad jumps, split leg jumps, skier lunges, planks, plank mods, climbing, crawling, rolling….

Oh yeah, because Bodyweight exercises are NOT new. Nothing is new.

1.) It’s Not what you Want to Do

2.) Personal Training and S&C are Not the same

3.) It’s All Work, and It’s All Good

4.) Mentors

5.) Just because it’s Hard, Doesn’t mean it’s Good

6.) Just because it’s Simple, Doesn’t mean it’s not Hard

7.) If you’re going to do something, be prepared to Defend it

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