9.) The BEST workout in the World..

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..is the one you’ll actually do.

We know that nothing is new. #8 told us that. But everywhere you look you’ll find “hot fitness trends” or a “new way of lifting weights”

The only thing that matters though is the workout that you’ll actually do. Like Crossfit? Then do it man. Own that shit. If you get hard just thinking about your next WOD, then I applaud you for finding the workout that works for you.

Me, I’m not-so-much a fan of Crossfit, but I do value what is has brought to the fitness world. It has made Olympic lifting and Powerlifting cool again (somehow along the way they got ‘un-cool’). Even if they do bastardize the programming occasionally.

But if it works for you, then go for it.

The same goes with Pure Barre. Pilates. Yoga. Bodybuilding..you name it. The best workout is the one you’ll actually do

Going a step further, the best workout is the one you’ll actually do, and the one you’ll do more than one time.

Because if you only go to Crossfit or Pure Barre or Dance Recital once, and never go again, then it’s not doing much for you. Your health and fitness goals never even get lift off the ground.

1.) It’s Not what you Want to Do

2.) Personal Training and S&C are Not the same

3.) It’s All Work, and It’s All Good

4.) Mentors

5.) Just because it’s Hard, Doesn’t mean it’s Good

6.) Just because it’s Simple, Doesn’t mean it’s not Hard

7.) If you’re going to do something, be prepared to Defend it

8.) Nothing is New

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