Hey there, and welcome to the Exercise of the Week!

Your time is precious, and your gym time is even more precious. Don’t you sometimes wish there was one movement that could give you great abs, thighs, and butt all in one?

I know I do.

That’s why I’m sharing Kettlebell Offset Squats with you! Check it out:

What it is: an intermediate squat variation

What it does: because the kettlebell is offset to one side, it causes an anti-rotation and anti-lateral flexion “bracing” in your core. Read: it busts your abs up pretty damn good

How to do it: either pick up the KB with both arms and place it to one side, or swing and catch it into position (the KB clean is not mandatory for this exercise, but knowing how to do it may be helpful). Keep a “punch fist.” In the video, I don’t have a limp wrist: my wrist is straight, and it looks like I’m trying to “punch” myself in the jaw. Keep the elbow tucked, don’t let it flare out to the side. Squat between your legs, and drive back up. Complete reps on one side, then switch.

When? How much? My goal is to squat a metric shit-load of weight with a barbell. That being said, this isn’t the exercise I would place first: instead, I would squat a metric shit-load under a bar. I place the KB offset squat towards the end of my training session as a “finisher” of sorts.

If you don’t have access to a barbell, or if your goals are to build killer thighs and glutes without a barbell, I would place this exercise first or second on a lower-body day.

Sets x Reps: this will depend on your abilities; if you’re new to the exercise, I would keep my sets and reps lower, executing perfect technique and mastering the movement first. For example, 2 sets of 5 per side

For intermediate and advanced lifters: 3-5 sets of anything between 5-10/side.

Let’s make it a Challenge:

As a finisher to your lower body day, try a Kettlebell Offset Squat Ascending Ladder

Grab a “heavy-ish” kettlebell, and use the same one the whole time

Set 1: 5/side with 30-60s off

Set 2: 6/side

Set 3: 7/side

Set 4: 8/side

And so on, until you can’t make it look good anymore or you’re wiping your face off the floor.

But wait, there’s more!

How about another version of the KB Offset squat?

Andy, you mean you’re giving me TWO exercises to work with this week?

You bet your fucking ass I am.

Check it out:

How it’s Different: obviously, you have 2 Kettlebells instead of one. While you can do this exercise with two KBs of equal weight, I like to offset them with KBs of two different weights.

The gym I was in only had a 30 lb and a 55 lb to use for demonstration. The combined weight is 85 lbs, so this version is slightly more advanced than the first one.

How to do it: same as before, but with two kettlebells. Pick two that are at least 10 lbs offset. Rack them into position and lace your fingers together to help stabilize the KBs against your chest. Keep a “punch fist” in both hands. Don’t go limp in your wrists! That’s a sure-fire way to have a bad time!

The effect is still the same: it crushes your abs, thighs, and glutes. This time with just a little more weight than last time.

Master Version 1 before attempting version 2.

Give it a shot and good luck!

Andy Van Grinsven

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