Andy’s in depth knowledge of body mechanics has been the key to my ability to strengthen my weak/problem areas without causing further issues and helping me achieve my fitness goals.

Dana M

Andy has been working with me since March 2014. I had several injuries which limited my ability to exercise. Andy’s strong knowledge base has enabled me to gain strength. I am 57 years old, and am able to easily hike two hours of hilly terrain.

Rebecca G

Andy is very positive and knowledgeable. He adapts your workout to fit your needs and makes the whole session a fun, productive experience.  Several members of my family train with Andy and we each have different goals and abilities.  He is terrific at assessing the situation and helping each of us get the most out of it.  Go Andy!!!

Dan W

I have been working out with Andy for nearly a year. I get a great workout every time. When I have an injury – as we 40+ people increasingly do – there is always a way to give that part of my body a rest and still get a great workout. And I am getting stronger. I have muscles where I never did before and my posture is better.

Brooke A

I’ve been training with Andy 3 times per week for 3 years. As a result, I’m stronger now in my 50s than I have been in many years and truly MOTIVATED to move and to increase my fitness. Andy’s approach is one of the first really sustainable programs I have found – he is continually changing things up and challenging me physically in new and interesting ways so I never tire of the routine. Many thanks to Andy for turning things around for me!
Natasha D
I have been working with Andy since January 2013.  When we met, I could not even do a simple lunge without experiencing pain and tingling.  I was in really bad physical shape.  Today I am dead lifting multiple reps of 250 pounds, reverse lunges, bulgarian splits, bench pressing and pulling heavy hand barbells, squats holding a 60 pound barbell, etc.  It’s amazing.  Moreover, due to the active mobility prep prior to each session and partner stretches for a few minutes following strength training, I leave feeling lighter, a feeling that lasts all day.  I am experiencing more energy.  I share sessions with Natasha, my wife, three times per week when I am in town.  Besides the physical benefits, Andy has become a great friend.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.

John D, sedentary health care executive who flies 100,000 miles a year